Summer School 2020

    The enrollment period for Saturday Courses 2020 will start in April-May 2020. You will find all the news on this website. Should you need more information regarding the courses, please send us an email to:

    Summer School 2019

    Live a BCLC Experience while you learn and have fun at British College la Cañada from 1st to the 28th of July.

    This summer we have put together an immersive, original and fun experience that will help enhance the skills and abilities of students.

    New for 2019:

    Our summer course is delivered by qualified English teachers and is designed to help students communicate more effectively & confidently in everyday situations.

    As with previous years if you are under 8 you will enroll in a stimulating sports programme.

    If you are between the years 8 to 14 you can enroll in one of our BCLC Experience.

    Sports Experience. Students will enjoy swimming courses and other sports.
    Technological Experience. With Robotics and Computing, students will learn to program and build robots.
    Science Experience. Designed to encourage creativity and interest in science with fun experiments.

    All three experinces are focused on developing English language skills & improving students abilities to use English in everyday situations.

    In our fun and engaging lessons, students shall practise sports(Sports Experience) learn computing (Technological Experience) our visit the lab (Science Experience) while they develop their knowledge & understanding of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing.


    All of our lessons are designed to be fun, engaging and mindful. Groups are organized according to level and age depending on whether the children attend a Spanish or British school.

    Our school offers a summer course for children from 12 months to 18 years old. If you are over 14 you can join our Intensive English speaking two hours a day.

    From 12 to 36 months old.
    Children are usually divided into groups: 12 to 24 or 24 to 36. Each year group have a different syllabus and different teaching methods.Teaching ESL in these age groups is restricted to action-based activities, playing games, singing and dancing; storytelling, role play, and dramatization techniques.

    3 to 7 years old.
    Sports programme that includes a swimming course with qualified swimming monitors.
    Each week every student will participate in a series of dynamic tasks and team projects. During these lessons they will be challenged and motivated to use English in an imaginative and productive way.

    8 to 14 years old: BCLC Experience.
    Our BCLC experiences full of fun and engaging lessons will help you advance and improve your understanding and speaking skills, improve your English grammar:

    Sports Experience: Swimming + other sports
    Technological Experience: Robotics + Computing
    Science Experience: Science projects and experiments at the lab

    +14 intensive speaking course.
    Focus on conversation and experience the language with a qualified native or bilingual teacher. Topic based lessons in everyday contexts that will help you improve your pronunciation and gain greater fluency.


    All day course (English course + BCLC Experience + lunch + workshops):
    9.15h. to 16.30h.

    Half day course (English course + BCLC Experience + lunch):
    9.15h. to 14.30h.

    Mornings course (English course + BCLC Experience):
    9.15h. to 13.00h.

    Intensive speaking course (from 14 to 18 years old):
    9.15h. to 11.15h.

    Parents information:


    The school has its own kitchen and complies with all health and safety regulations.

    The school has several bus routes to offer to the families. (Not at 13:00h. neither 14:30h.) The school secretary can provide the necessary information regarding routes and departure/arrival times of these services. This information will be available in the middle of june.

    Early Morning Club:
    The school offers an Early Morning Club service for all those parents needing to leave their children before the start of the official school day. This service is from 8.00 in the morning. The children remain under the supervision of an adult until classes begin.

    Afternoon Club:
    The school offers an Afternoon Club service for all those parents needing to leave their children after the end of the official school day. This service is from 16:30 to17:30 pm. The children remain under the supervision of an adult until classes begin.

    Additional activity options: (also available at a supplementary cost)

    Do your own homework:
    Three days a week, if you are here untill 16.30h and would like to do some homework we can help you.

    Homework (if you are here untill 16.30h) 50€ two weeks
    3 times a week
    (between 14:30h and 16:30h)
    100€ full month

    Learn how to design, build and programme robots, (if you are here untill 16.30h).

    Robotics (if you are here untill 16.30h) 20€/week
    2 times a week
    (between 14:30h and 16:30h)
    from 6 years old (no more than 10 students by class)

    Price not included and only if you are here untill 16.30h.


      Full month 3 weeks 2 weeks
    All day course (with lunch and workshops) (9:15h - 16:30h) 610€ 489€ 366€
    Half day course (with lunch) (9:15h - 14:30h) 545€ 437€ 328€
    Mornings course (9:15h - 13:00h) 458€ 366€ 275€
    Intensive speaking course (9:15h - 11:15h) 376€ 301€ 226€
    Transport 155€ 124€ 93€
    Early Morning Club (EMC) 50€/month 3,5€/day
    Afternoon Club (AFC) 50€/month 3,5€/day

    Enrollment due date 15th of June 2019. Payment must be received before the due date to confirm place.

    Enrollment form:

    This section will be able in May 2020.

    Tratamiento de Datos de Caracter Personal: For Students from other Schools, bring it to our School, or send it filled and signed by email:


    Bank transfer before 15th of June 2019. For further information please contact us at 961324040 o by email: