SATs (Standardised Assessment Tests)

    These exams are used to evaluate pupils in the core subjects of Science, Maths and English and are based on the criteria stipulated in the British Curriculum.

    The exams are carried out at school but are sent to an external examiner for evaluation and correction, therefore guaranteeing the objectives for our pupils are equal to those of the British pupils of the same age. SATs are taken at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6).

    SAT's results 2014/15
    English Reading Level 4 + 95%
    English SPAG Level 4 + 95%
    Mathematics Level 4 + 100%

    We are delighted with the results and would like to congratulate the pupils for working extremely hard. Their hard work and enthusiasm has paid off and we would also like to thank all the staff involved, for their dedication in getting our pupils to achieve this success.
    We had 100% of our pupils working at a Level 4 in Mathematics with 22% gaining a level 5, which is above the national average and not expected to be reached until Secondary school, with 5% even gaining a Level 6.
    55% of our pupils also achieved Level 5 in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar a fantastic achievement.

    Sarah Nowell
    Head of Primary

    English Reading Level 5 27%
    English SPAG Level 5 55%
    Mathematics Level 5 22%
    Mathematics Level 6 5%

    IGCSEs (International General Certificates of Secondary Education)

    At the end of Year 11 pupils take their IGCSEs in the subjects that they have studied throughout Key Stage 4. They are able to choose the subjects which best suit their future plans. Nine subjects are chosen in total, of which Maths, English and Science are compulsory.

    The exams are marked by official examiners in Great Britain and results range from A to E, with a pass being considered between A and C.

    For a student to obtain the certificate of Graduate of Secondary Education (Graduado en Educación Secundaria) issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia), they must pass at least 5 subjects with a grade C or above.

    A/AS Levels (Advanced/ Advanced Subsidiary Levels)

    Pupils study for their A- and AS Levels (Advanced/ Advanced Subsidiary Levels) in Years 12 and 13. These exams are also corrected and graded in Great Britain by external examiners.

    Accessing University.

    At the end of Year 13 students can take the Spanish Selectivity exams to enable them to continue on to university.